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Current Music:Hold - Saves The Day
Subject:This Song Always Reminds Me Of Thanksgiving:
Time:06:04 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
Oh well, you've got me under your spell and I don't think that I'm kidding
I don't think I can forget you now. I once sat up on my roof and examined the
planning of my town.
I saw the structured grid and pavement cutting through grass and I remembered
the cold of winter running up the legs of my pants.
I picked the nicest lawn and imagined the two of us rolling around down along
the ground.
I saw myself touch your face and I noticed jets begin to race above our heads.
But I pinched my arm and remembered how much you hate me.
I remembered the fact that I can't see what you need and I'm too stupid to be
aware of the beauty that you give this place and how shitty this town would
seem without you in it.
When you aren't around I let the shades fall down to shut out all the sun's
light and make myself feel all right.
What am I doing with my life?
***Oh well, you've got me under your spell and i dont' think that I'm kidding around.
I don't think i can forget you now.****
Remember that the only things we need sometimes are chilly nights and warmer
thighs, 'cause there's nothing like being held...sometimes.
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Current Music:The Shins - Kissing the Lipless
Subject:Turkey Time!
Time:12:57 pm
Current Mood:mellowmellow
Yes kids, that's right, it's our favorite free-food time of year... THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!! I'm currently in my room waiting for my ride back to the T dot. I'm kind of excited, but also kinda indifferent to be returning. It's only been a month after all. Plus things will be different when I go back because I won't be making daily trips to scarborough. It'll be good though, it's a chance to make things right with my friends from home. I feel like I screwed a few things up this summer, what with spending minimal amounts of time with them.

I still have no job which sucks... I still have no money, which also sucks... I'm so bad with the whole employment thing.

Last night we went to this place called the Hippy Cafe and got retardedly stoned. It was pretty damn fun. Last weekend we threw birthday parties for Mike and Sara, and I got completely wasted. So it's been an okay week... plus I've really cut back on my cigarette intake.

Otherwise things are going well... I'm getting better... I think.
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Current Music:Finch - Ender
Subject:I was there when you were young and strong and perverted: everything that makes a young man a star..
Time:08:21 pm
Current Mood:impressedimpressed
It's weird how songs from church are just engrained into your memory... despite the fact that you haven't been for 6 years. That's just a little side note for you all.

Things are going pretty well... I'm actually impressed with myself. I've only missed one class all year so far, and I've been going to the gym on a regular basis. I've been doing my readings, and I haven't handed in a single thing late. That said, I haven't had anything TO hand in, but regardless, a good track record thus far.

My mind is feeling a bit broken record-ish these days, and it's getting very annoying. I know it only takes time before thoughts die, but it's an annoying process of trying to get rid of them.

The trip to florida isn't looking so good anymore, but I PROMISED myself I'd go somewhere. So I gotta start making plans. BIG plans. and BIG money while I'm at it.

Brad's in England now, I talked to him on the phone yesterday, he was drunk. Doing fine though, I think he'll have fun, which is good.

Deserts and Rain though... you know the drill
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Current Music:Losing a whole year - Third Eye Blind
Subject:The Way You Look Tonight
Time:12:57 am
Current Mood:weirdweird
Well, I'm in my apartment. All by myself. All the roomies are at work, so I'm feeling a little lonely... but that's cool...the fly situation, however, has not remedied itself, and I am therefore swatting away fighter jet-sized insects as I type this very post.

My day was useless/stressful seeing as my computer has decided to stop running, resulting in me having to pay some guy named Bartek a hundred and fifty bones to come and fix it tomorrow morning. He better be as good as his name makes him seem.

Just watched Starsky and Hutch with Nick and Jake, it was good times. The London dramas are starting to unfold, which is also good times, hopefully enought to keep me occupied as I try to figure shit out (a.k.a. what the hell I'm going to do when the next 9 months are over)... I just broke al's window trying to let a fly out... fantastic.

Brad leaves for england tomorrow... fantastic. So I figure in the next little while, I have to go talk to an academic advisor about this whole "takin' a year off my degree"... and find a job, and continue in my pursuit of finding something that I really like to do... which apparently, from my experiences last weekend, includes stripping.

Also, a spring break trip to Orlando is in the works...fantastic! (I actually meant that one without a hint of sarcasm)

I'm out, I've got some exterminating to do...
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Current Music:No more I love Yous - Annie Lennox
Subject:It doesn't show dirt...
Time:03:47 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
There is a housefly in my kitchen that is the size of a helicopter. I *heart* London.

So, I'm back in the ol' L dot. It's strange because at times it feels like everthing's changed and at other times it seems like same old same old. I don't really have the mental capacity right now to describe that further, please forgive me.

It also freaks me out that I may very well be in my last year here at the tender age of 19. I miss the summer, but I suppose it only gets easier from here on in... It kinda has to. On my own again, which is something that I more often than not enjoy. I hate break ups, they suck... I like to think I'm getting a bit better at them though.

Everything happens for a reason, and that's all I really have to go on right now.
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Current Music:Flow 93.... don't ask
Subject:It's an omen from the gods trying to tell me through bunnies that we're all gonna die
Time:09:23 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Everything is going well these days, things are fairly uneventful yet still entertaining. I just can't believe there's only a little bit more than a month left.

This weekend was supposed to be the uber good time camping weekend, however, no one felt that they wanted to have an uber good time, so no one bothered to R.S.V.P. in a positive way. It sucks, and I'm a bit sad that we're not gonna have a repeat of last year. In any case, a few of us are still going up, as I just booked the site this morning, so hopefully it will still be fun.

In other news, I have been given the opportunity to possibly work on salary for a year next year, which deffinitely makes a 3 year degree very plausible. 25-28 grand starting. I don't really know if I can pass up that money, and I mean it's just a year, not a lifetime.
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Subject:One for my baby and one more for the road....
Time:05:34 pm
It's been a while, huh? I wish I had things that were interesting to report on, but I don't really. Except I got a beautiful new cell phone courtesy of my last one being stupid. Went camping a couple of weekends ago which was pretty sweet save being the only girl for the majority of it. Salty came for a while which was fun.

Um, work's alright, I'm alright, money's alright. Going a little crazy with the whole "dealing with the near future" thing.

Dinner time... more later...
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Current Music:Franz Ferdinand
Subject:Quarter life crisis...
Time:02:43 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I'm at work right now, and I've officially had th easiest week ever! It's like I'm getting paid to do crosswords. Tomorrow, I'm actually going to get paid to come in and sleep. Pretty sweet stuff. Also I might work a shift at Balmoral on Saturday... just for shits and giggles. Now I'm doing THEM favors.

finished putting together my schedule, and my Thursdays in the fall are, as it stands, eight hours long. I'm either going to fail or hate life... maybe a bit of both.

So here's the crisis. After looking at my current debt to the Ontario government, and agonizing over the poor course selection that remains in MIT, I'm serioiusly considering only doing three years. (GASP!) Then just going to college. The question remains whether or not there truly is a big difference between 3 and 4 years when it comes to getting a job. I've heard both yeses and nos. I haven't really told anyone that I'm considering doing only three... except for people I know doing three (Nick and Mike)... so I suppose it is a matter to be discussed. It's such a huge decision though, and it really can't be put off for too long.

What's keeping me there for fourth year? Mainly Alex. Alex and educational integrity. She'll probably blow a fuse if I only stay three... I'm very torn.

Oh well, back to doing nothing...?
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Current Music:Talk Show On Mute - Incubus
Subject:Day 2
Time:10:06 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
This sucks. Big time. I know it sounds judgemental and all, some might even say "regionist", but I'm so not where I belong right now. I'm not cut out for scarborough, at least at home or in north york, I could continue to at least FEEL like I have money. There are a couple of good things about this job though: 1. The people are nice (but not fun like the people at Sports Night)2. Getting there and back is sweet, cause I'm always going in the unpopular direction. 3. I'm basically getting paid to do nothing.

I'm really tired now. I probably will be for the rest of the summer which sucks. Oh which reminds me! Heather's moving back to England tomorrow. I didn't even get to see her! I probably won't see her for years now!!! I guess Sarnia was that bad.

If I could be granted three wishes, the first would be that I would win the lottery so that I wouldn't have to work...ever. The second would be that England disappeared off the face of the earth, so no one could ever go there. The third would be simplicity. I would just like things to be easy for once.
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Current Music:float on - modest mouse
Subject:That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang.
Time:07:45 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
So I got a job. In Scarborough. I'm an office assistant. I had my first day today after a particularly hilarious night at the Tara. Seems like a pretty easy job... but I don't know if I'm cut out for the office as much as I am cut out for a bed.

Well at least now I'm not a crazy person sitting at home all day with no money.

Had a pretty good weekend involving hash, beer, and baby birthday parties.

I wish I could stop time...
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